UNFAITHFULNESS: Infidelity, betrayal, cheating and 'the cheaters'

"UNFAITHFULNESS" or "INFIDELITY" - Dealing with Unfaithful-ness, Infidelity, Adultery and the betrayal of a cheating spouse/partner. "Because I've been on the receiving end of infidelity, I know how much it hurts." ~ Rachel Hunter

Infidelity is amongst the leading causes of divorce worldwide - if not the leading one. Can a relationship cheat-proof itself? Or rather can you cheat-proof your relationship?

Even with the present divorce statistics and diseases like HIV/AIDS, nothing seems to be able to stop cheating, dishonesty, disloyalty, adultery, infidelity and unfaithfulness in most intimate relationships. Well,no one can actively say that their partner can never cheat. Afterall, all cheaters are good liars, right? They are pretenders, schemers and A-class manipulators.

Women used to think that sex is the only reason why men cheat. But most cheaters highlight loneliness,lack of validation and a lack of connection with their partners as the main reasons for their disloyalty and cheating. The paradox of this reasoning is that in a relationship, it is usually women who tend to crave and preach closeness and intimate connection with their partners/husbands.

But instead of that happening, the man would look outside the relationship for that connection. I am not implying that only men cheat, nor am I suggesting that women do not cheat. Afterall, who would these men be cheating with if women weren't cheating at all? But the majority of 'married' women do not cheat as much as married men do. Most women I know have never cheated, but some of their partners have. It is a fact.


Did you catch a cheating lover? How did you catch them? What did you do? Please share with others.

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We've all heard this statement-"once a cheat, always a cheat".

Arthur C. Clarke once said that: "To predict the future, we need logic; but we also need faith and imagination, which can sometimes defy logic itself".

But the common mistake women make is to get involved with someone who is already involved with somebody else, and then expect that person to be faithful to them. The question is, If he is being unfaithful to the other woman, what would stop him from being unfaithful to you?

Here is another scenario: 'you are involved with him, he cheats, you forgive him and get back together with him'. I've heard men talk about the way they would beg and cry for a woman to take them back when they have cheated. Remember, a cheater = a manipulator. Most men would use women's 'feeling nature' and need for love to get back into their lives once they've cheated.

"Cheat-proof"? Well, let's try:

1. Try to be involved with someone who is "available"- at least to the best of your knowledge.

2. State clearly what would cheating mean to you. "If you cheat, you would have said to me..., and don't ever expect me to accept your apology or get back together with you..."

3. Give examples of how you've left a cheater/an adulterer/ a liar before and emphasise that your views about cheating and infidelity would never change, nor would they be affected by any circumstances, like children and financial dependency.

4. Mean what you say and talk about it as often as you can. (within tolerance of course).

5. Listen to the reason his last relationship ended. Really listen. If the story doesn't connect, it probably isn't all the truth.

6. Remember point number 1. "Availability". This is the most important guideline and will either make or break a relationship in its tracks.

I wish you faithfulness, fidelity, loyalty and devotion in your relationship.





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"Emotional Infidelity" -You don't have to have sex to cheat on your partner, counsels M. Gary Neuman in his practical and provocative book, Emotional Infidelity. Neuman, a therapist, family mediator, and rabbi, suggests that when you invest your emotional energy in opposite-sex coworkers or friends--instead of focusing on your spouse--you are unfaithful to your marriage.

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Are you having trouble in your relationship? Has your spouse's behavior and attitude towards you changed? You've been told it's all in your imagination. Well, is it or isn't it? Don't you owe it to yourself to get peace of mind and know the truth?

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