"LONELINESS AND ALONENESS": the feelings of "darkness and emptiness"



"Loneliness" is one of the saddest,most helpless and often complicated feelings a person can experience. This is because it can easily be well-hidden behind smiles, vibrant personalities, behind 'happy marriages' and active social lives. Extreme feelings of emptiness may also lead to depression and in some instances, even suicide.

Society may quickly think or expect (even 'label')a single, divorced, widowed or friendless person to be having those feelings because they are by themselves. We forget that even though there are situations that could result in such emotions, there is a great difference between feeling lonely and being alone. The two don't always define each other and they dont necessarily go together at all times.

How to overcome the feeling of emptiness and helplessness

"Feeling lonely while not alone"

Often overlooked is the fact that people do sometimes feel empty even within a marriage. Spouses may be absent or just not emotionally involved/present in their relationship. These feelings could result in devastating consequences if not well-controlled. These people may feel that no one cares for them, that they are just completely by themselves. They may end up being depressed and even suicidal.

If you are feeling depressed, please seek professional help. It may also help to learn a new skill or just find a long-lost passion and follow it. Who knows? Your feelings could disappear when you meet interesting people in your newly-found activity. Read helpful books, talk about your feelings and keep busy with something at all times. An idle mind is a workshop for all negative feelings and emotions.


Avoid loneliness - keep busy with something you feel passionate about!

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