Getting ready for retirement

Getting ready for retirement

My neighbour recently went on "retire-ment" after over 40 years of public employment. While most of us think of retire-ment as a golden time where you get a lot of money (perhaps more than your energies allow you to spend) to spend on holidays and trips around the world - my neighbour didn't think so... and I understand why.

Preparing for retirement

For my neighbour, his job was all he had. He had not prepared for the time when his job would be no more. He woke up early every week day for over forty years to go to his office and didn't realise that he had nothing else that was his, creatively speaking. While he had vigorously prepared for his retirement financially, by making sure that he contributed to a pension fund and to a retirement annuity, he had not really discovered himself - he had no hobby or side-job to keep busy with once he retired.

I would like to encourage people who are still 'working' or emplyed, to not give up their hobbies/passions for the sake of their office jobs. You may live for some 20 - 40 years after retiring and you need to keep your mind busy. For those that love to write, I encourage you to check out this link for building a website.

Retirement can be stressful

Retirement can be stressful

Frankly, I do not understand why retirement has not traditionally been included amongst the top causes of stress in life. I sat down and gave it a lot of thought and I can honestly say that the stress that come with it, especially if you are 'unprepared' can equal or even exceed some of the major stresses in life. I mean this belongs up there with marriage, moving house, death, divorce and so on.

in announcing the end of his formal emplyment, my neighbour asked me "do you know what is happening to me this week?" Obviously something was happening to him -he was being sent home to wait for his death - I suppose. I think this is how most retirees interprete this occassion. My mom was depressed for a while, but she at least had some hobby going; my father in law and some of his friends lost weight and so on. Surely there must be something very depressing or even scary about reaching the end of your career. You can eliminate these stresses and make it a much more easier and long-awaited transition by not abandoning your passions and creativity while you are still employed.

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