Relationship with your wedded family: How to relate well with/to your in-laws

Your relationship with your wedded family is most probably one of the most challenging family relationships you've ever had or you will ever have. Dr. Phil McGraw said that “some people are blessed with in laws, while some are cursed with them.” I am very happy to say that I think (or rather, I feel) that I am one of those blessed people. Do you want to know why I feel this way? Come with me...

"Avoid problems with your in laws"

How to deal (live with, rather) with bad in laws - or is it out-laws?

Well, there are several reasons why some people don't have serious issues with their mother in law, and other people do have issues:

1. Before I even got married, I tried to avoid/not to have preconceived ideas about my in laws or how bad mothers-in-law can be. I refused to label my future mom-in-law as one of those terrible mothers-in-law from hell.

2. I learnt that a sure fire way of being blessed with in-laws is to be a blessing myself. The question to ask here is: Are my in-laws blessed with a daughter/son-in-law or are they cursed with one?

3. Appreciate your mother-in-law; she deserves some credit, some appreciation for having given birth to and raised that ‘special man’(or woman) to be who he is today.

4. Ladies, you will most probably understand your mother-in-law's position much better if and when you get to have a son. Just think about that for a while.

5. If you love your husband/wife, you will make it your mission to relate better with his/her people.

6. Your in-laws might have a negative attitude towards you, because in all fairness, you can never be who they expected/had in mind. You cannot be the best person for their son/daughter. Make peace with that, and they will soon come around. Prove them wrong by just being yourself. You can't be a bitter, unkind person because of them, unless you are truly bitter and unkind.

7. Give them what you have, do not hold it back

8. Understand that most paternal grandparents feel 'unprivileged' when it comes to involvement with their grandchildren. Don't contribute to that feeling; let the children visit them, don't deny your kids a relationship with their grandparents because of your misunderstandings, if you have any. Go out of your way to establish a grandparent-grandchild relationship between them.

9. Strive for a healthy relationship with your in-laws. I wish you a happy in-law-relationship.

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