Kids out of marriage: the growing tradition to have and raise children out of the wedlock

To have kids out of marriage or not to have them?

As more and more people opt not to enter into the institution of marriage, more and more choose to have and raise children out of the wedlock. This is different from having children before one gets married, which is most often, unplanned.

In many cultures and religions around the world, falling pregnant and having children before one is married is highly forbidden. However, some cultures do make provisions for grown-ups or adults, who couldn't get married for some reason or other, to decide to have and raise children out of the wedlock. This is usually allowed because some people couldn't find the right person to marry or they chose to stay unmarried.

When people are old enough to can take care of their offspring emotionally and financially, falling pregnant does not usually put their social status at risk.

Religion and having kids out of marriage

Religion and having babies/kids out of the wedlock

Unlike culture, most religions do not make such provisions when it comes to having children or engaging in sexual relationships before marriage. However, what is often misunderstood is the fact that what is usually wrong religiously, is not having kids out of marriage or before marriage; it is the sex before marriage.

Unfortunately though, people miss the plot here. It is unfair to ridicule someone who has borne a child out of the wedlock, while ignoring people that are just covering it up by making sure that they do not fall pregnant. The latter group would be regarded as the people that are living right; but when you look at it, they are living right socially but not spiritually/religiously. They please the human being but fail to please God, who knows what everyone gets up to when no one is watching. People decide to be socially correct but morally and spiritually wrong.

But not everyone is religious, I think people that are in an adult, monogamous relationship can decide to raise children. It is a matter of personal discretion.

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