Relationship differences between men and women: How different genders perceive and handle relationships

Relationship differences between men and women. It has been said that "Men are from Mars, women are from venus." Different genders = Different perceptions of relationships - right?

Men and Women are very different in a lot of ways; biologically, structurally, physically, emotionally, and so on. No wonder there are so many relationship differences between men and women! It is therefore inevitable that men and women would handle their relationships in different ways. While we were created to complement each other, our very differences can make it difficult and almost impossible to build relationships that are durable, healthy and strong.

These relationship differences between men and women were, however, never meant to divide the two genders. They were meant to unite us. We therefore need to find ways of dealing with each other and being senstive to each other's physical, emotional and spiritual needs. We must appreciate the differences; see the values of femininity and masculinity in our relationships and in life.

Appreciating relationship differences between men and women

Relationship differences between men and women

Seeing and appreciating the differences can be a daunting task in a romantic relationship between a man and a woman. Our primary needs are opposites of each other’s. Women would sometimes use sex (a man's primary need) to obtain love while men use love (a woman's primary need) to get sex. The pretence doesn't last because soon the man would stop using love to get the sex. Relationship problems would then emerge when the man doesn’t get any sex from the love-starved, emotionally hurt woman. It is a vicious circle.

Reconciling the operational and behavioral gender & relationship differences between men and women

Relationship differences between men and women - Can man and woman ever live happily together?

The differences that exist between the male and female of the species are complementary. The important thing is to know the basis of your relationship.What is your relationship with your man/woman based on? When you first approached her, did you say "I love you" or did you say "I want you?"

Look back and rediscover what your relationship was based on at the beginning. Well, if at first you walked down to her (ok, please allow me to make this assumption)and said "I love you", then here’s what must have happened: she was thrilled and flattered, probably got goose bumps and started really loving you. She then said "I love you too". That is why you are in a relationship with her. Whatever you do, don't shake that foundation of your relationship by ignoring to say and practice the words or actions that brought you two together; the words that left her feeling smitten and very flattered & pleased.

Girls, if you seduced him into the relationship, then tough - you'll have to keep up. The bottom line: everything else being equal, never forget or neglect what brought you together. But man, even if she seduced you, she was kind of hoping you will someday grow to love her. Her number one need at the end of the day is, and will remain love, which brings feelings of security, comfort and care.

Do not think/assume that, because you are still in a relationship with her and because you have not run-off with some lass, she will automatically know and be assured that you still love her. There’s nothing obvious here, we don’t want to start making assumptions, right? What you’ve told her last year doesn’t count now, same applies to what you’ve told her this morning—well, that’s better than nothing. If you told her this morning that you love her, then you are a good man. Just continue to show it, talk is cheap. Yes it is! If you told her you love her every hour, but then go home to beat her up, that doesn’t count. If you tell her that you love her, but chase after every skirt you come across, that wouldn’t count as love either. That’s why I say talk is cheap. Compliment your words with some action. Put your money where your mouth is. Ooops! Did I say money? Now that we are there already, we can’t go back, can we? Yes, she needs to see you spending some money on her. It really is impossible to love ‘something’ without spending money on it. Men understand this better. Think about how much money you spend on your CDs, Make your life simpler and happier by offering that, it can’t be that difficult!

Hope this relationship advice has been helpful and hope that you can now start to acknowledge, appreciate and love the relationship differences between men and women - And most importantly - the differences between you and your partner!



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