WHAT IS A METROSEXUAL MAN: a definition of metrosexuality/metrosexual

WHAT IS A METROSEXUAL MAN: a definition of metrosexual/metrosexuality

This is a definition of metrosexual according to Wikipedia:

"Metrosexual is a word describing men who have a strong concern for their aesthetic appearance, and spend a substantial amount of time and money on their images and lifestyles.

Though the term has undergone a transformation from its original meaning (a heterosexual man who appeared or acted as if he were homosexual or bisexual), current trends have seen the metrosexual label placed upon male embracing of practices usually perceived to be feminine, rather than those specifically associated with stereotypically effeminate homosexuals."

What is a metrosexual man and what is too metrosexual?

What is a metrosexual man and what is too metrosexual?

In simple terms, a metrosexual man is still a masculine man on the inside, only softer around the edges. Metrosexuals are also not necessarily gay or homosexual, they are just more in touch with their feminine sides than the traditional, stereotypical cave man.

Levels of metrosexuality do differ. Some men only practice basic grooming - using facial products and dressing well, sometimes even going for manicures and pedicures. Others are so metrosexual that the women in their lives feel like their men are over-doing it and acting more like the girls than the woman does.

Yes, metrosexuality can get out of hand. If a man changes his clothes 5 times a day, fights with you for the bathroom mirrors, spends more on grooming products than you do and keeps you waiting while they spend their two hours preparing themselves, then I think there is a threat of a role-reversal there.

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