"Same sex marriages: gay and lesbian relationships & marriages"

"Same sex marriages"

The subject of gay and lesbian relationships and marriages is as complicated and sensitive as it is "controversial." I have never writen anything about gays and lesbians before because I believe it is a very 'specialised' subject. I was asked, through the 'contact us' page to write my opinions about this relationship type.

Gays and Lesbians also fall in love: cupid picture

"Gays and Lesbians love"

Same-sex marriages/relationships

Gay and lesbian relationships are more common today than ever before. Some people therefore conclude that it is some kind of a "trend" or a passing phase.

I cannot say I agree with that. I have seen people that do genuinely look like "a girl trapped in a boy's body" or "a boy trapped in a girl's body." I use the terms boy and girl to emphasize that, in those situations, these innocent girls and boys were just born that way, and didn't have any outside gayish influences at all.I think the "prevalence" has more to do with society's improved acceptance/perceptions and more people "coming out" than it used to be the case.

In some cases, the people involved in same sex marriages or homosexual relationships might not necessarily look gay to people, but they may be feeling something that is perhaps beyond our understanding and our comprehension, as non-gay people. Therefore, before we could judge them and mislabel them, let us first seek to understand them better. We need more knowledge and less criticism and ridicule.

Metrosexuals are not homosexual

People stigmatize same sex marriages, but age-gap too.

Marrying for wrong reasons

Male-Female platonic relationships

Sex education is necessary for any sexual orientation

Teenage pregnancy

Same sex couples: everyone has to prepare for their marriage: gay or not!

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