Are opposite sex friends or platonic friendships okay and just that?

Opposite sex friends: do platonic relationships exist?

Is it possible for a man and a woman to be just friends or have a platonic/non-sexual relationship? If your partner has a 'pal' who is not of his/her gender, it could lead to disagreements in your relationship, depending on the nature of this "friendship", and the health and stability of your own relationship/marriage.

Having opposite sex friends or a friend of an opposite sex could either lead to newly-found family relationships/friendships or it can lead to feelings of jealousy and marriage break-downs.

Can opposite sex friendships be innocent/platonic?

Opposite sex friends or male-female friendships

Some people belive that there is no such a thing as a platonic friendship between two people of the opposite sex. Even though I would agree that, some men and women tend to use friendship as a stepping stone into a romantic relationship, I do know a lot of families that ended up as good family friends because the woman from one family knew the man from the other family through work or business. Their marriages and families survived on trust, faithfulness, consideration, and mutual respect.

Have a serious, life-threatening crush or a genuine romantic interest in your 'available' female friend?

If you have developed some genuine romantic feelings for your platonic friend, she is available, you promise to treat her well,and you are even prepared to risk losing her friendship for the prospects of something bigger and more rewarding - then read on...

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What if your partner is jealous of your friend?

Your partner can be jealous of your friendship with someone of the opposite-sex.

Most often than not, if your partner is jealous of your male / female friend, it would be because you, the person involved in such a friendship, are either not considerate enough of your partner's feelings & peace of mind, or you are not willing to listen to his/her concerns about your friendship. It could also mean that there is actually something to worry about. In my opinion, jealousy is seldom an "automatic" reaction.

Be considerate and sensitive to your partner's feelings

Be considerate, understanding and respectful to your partner. You cannot be spending too much time with this person, for instance, or buying them expensive/romantic gifts or even relying on them emotionally, and expect your wife or your husband to easily accept that "we are just friends" or that "our friendhip is purely innocent". if you are just friends, then it's better to BE just friends!

Last but not least; it is upon you, the friend, to check for warning signs in your friendship with this man or woman. If they speak badly of your spouse, or are always trying to compete in one way or another with them, tread carefully! Frienship should first and foremost seek to build and to heal...not to destroy.


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