"Quality Family Time": Manage your time well enough to have time for family

Quality Family Time -:)

Time has become an increasingly scarce resource, and more and more families are becoming victims of this scarcity - spending less and less time with each other. The more scarce it becomes, the more valuable and necessary it gets to be. With alarming rates of broken homes, spending quality time with your loved ones has never been more important.

Quality time with family has never been more important than it is in the present day & age. Increasingly parents are working more and more hours, leaving them with little or no time at all to spend with their children. As a result, we have financially secure but emotionally bankrupt children and society, where kids are lacking their most basic needs - those of love and a sense of belonging, family and home.

When it comes to parental issues, quality family time/quality time with your kids could make a significant difference in the parent-child relationship and the way a child behaves. Most of today's parents, in our busy schedules, have completely 'outsourced' our parenting roles to some or other third parties, while innocently and with the best of intentions, are busy working our family health away in an effort to secure a brighter future for our children.

You have to "create quality family time", especially your kids: Have rituals

How to create and spend quality time with the kids/family: ideas and tips on connecting better with your kids

There is a difference between seeking help and assistance and completely 'outsourcing'all your roles as a parent/guardian. As a parent, you will know if you are guilty of the latter.

Here are some quick tips for time-pressed parents, who want to enjoy some quality time with their children and connect with them:

1. Attention-deprived children will become attention-seekers. They will annoy you, and do it more and more in order to get a moment of your time.

Have a ritual that you can do together, that can be just for the two of you (have a different one with each child if you have more than one).

*An exclusive goodbye handshake

*A goodnite handshake

*A song

*Words that you can exchange

*A whistle

*A funny face

There is just no limit to the kinds of rituals that you can have. Be creative and enjoy some wonderful quality time with your kids.

Bottom line: Use your time wisely, spend it with those who matter the most. Learn to manage your time effectively, it is, afterall, one of your most valuable assets.

Focus on your child focuses on the family unit

Quality family time promotes a romantic atmosphere

Joint custody? Visit the children often

You can still spend time after day care

Don't let your spouse be lonely