"Long-term relationship/marriage": build a long-lasting marriage or a long-term relationship

Marriage after many years: some facts

"A long term relationship" can be compared to "a long-term job". Anyone who has ever been in a job long enough to be considered "part of the furniture" and/or in a relationship for a number of years will understand this comparison and the feeling I am talking about. You are more experienced, you stayed through thick and thin and you know the history of the place like the back of your hand. You're much more matured & even more loyal, yet you feel more and more rejected and unappreciated year after year.

Long-term relationships and/or marriages are more similar than they are different. Instead of couples celebrating the fruit of their labour,and getting even closer,they start to move in opposite directions & ignore each other. "She/he will be there; always has been." No wonder people divorce after some 20 years in marriage. Marriages are not supposed to be like that (neither should workplaces/jobs).

The true joy & value of a long-term relationship are realised when couples move towards each other not against each other. Couples in long lasting/long standing relationships must draw from their past, those things that make their marrige what it is today. Neglecting each other because you are now used to each other is like leaving in the past. You live in those many years that you spent together; you are refusing to move forward and you are denying yourselves an opportunity to live in a much 'freeier' love-affair that is without all the emotional stuff that new marriages / relationships experience.

Keeping your long-term relationship/long term marriage healthy

In it for the long haul: the longer, the healthier

We already know "how fragile relationships are" and how easy it is to let them become unhealthy and frail, especially when they have been around for a while. It is very important to cultivate the culture of communication, intimacy, romance and quality time together in ensuring that long-serving 'unions' or marriages stay as healthy as they possibly can - for their age.

Neither of the three pillars should be neglected or starved, they are of equal importance. Couples often think that as long as they spend time together and talk, the intimacy thing doesn't matter. Big mistake! You cannot swap intimacy for quality time or vice versa, they go hand in hand - together for life.

Quotes for the Long-term relationship and for a long-lasting marriage

"Age-defying" quotes for the long-term affair

"The ultimate wisdom is to live in the present; plan for the future and profit from the past" - Jacob M Braude

"We must not allow the clock and the calender to blind us to the fact that each moment of life is a miracle and a mystery" - HG Wells

"There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered" -Nelson Mandela

More quotes to keep "long term relationships" going strong

Long term relationships and your thoughts

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