Life in a relationship: your relationship = your life

A meaningful Life in a relationship ~ A good,healthy life in a relationship: Creating everyday quality, fun, longevity in your union

"Don't forget, until too late that the business of life is not business, but living."- Bertie Charles Forbes, Publisher

"A thousand words will not leave as good an impression as one deed." - Henrik Johan Ibsen, Playwright

Your relationship deserves a good life

Life in a relationship/marriage: What's life like in your relationship/marriage? Is it what it was meant to be?

It is very common for long-term relationships to become stale and boring. A little bit of ignoring one another here; and a bit of taking each other for granted there -not involving each other in your everyday lives, activities and decisions anymore; not having time for one another...and soon you have forgotten that you are in a relationship that needs to be nurtured, shared, validated and grown.

If your relationship with your spouse has become boring and not fun, your life will become boring. You will soon be wondering why you married this person - this strange person. What should have been an enjoyable, pleasurable part of your life soon become a chore; life in a relationship/marriage become like a budden.

Life in a relationship: Your Wife - Your Life

Prepare for your better marriage

Life in your relationship: How your wife's happiness/unhappiness determines the quality of your relationship/marriage

Women are 'feeling' beings. It is no surprise therefore that women would want their partners to make them 'feel' special, loved, beautiful and appreciated.

I came up with this saying - "your wife - your life" - to emphasise how important it is to at least try to make her happy. She must try to make her man happy too - but most often, women don't have a problem with that.

Men are actively and severely crippling their marriages by simply not paying attention and not being active, eager partners. One very important characteristic of healthy and successful marriages is that - the woman is happy! If a woman is happy with her life in a relationship/marriage, everyone will be happy. The opposite is also true.

"To know what is right and not to do it is the worst cowardice" - Confiscus

Give and take: learn to be a good giver and a grateful receiver. That's life in a relationship - give and take.

"What do women want?"

A couple of quotes to revive you and encourage a better life in your relationship/marriage

The decision to have children out of marriage

Quality time is vital for quality life in a relationship

It is not a chore to create a wonderful life in a relationship/marriage: It's about Love!

There's no point in being lonely in your marriage/relationship

You need to learn how to say "I'm sorry" snd meant it!

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