WORKING FROM HOME: running a home office

Working from home and/or Running a Home office: It's best to be a work at home mom/mother.

A vast majority of women would, given the opportunity, swap their tailored suits and the whole office image for a home office, a family-friendly self employment or even staying at home (as opposed to working from you). Most of us work for the financial benefit and if we could, we wouldn’t be in formal employment.

What stops most women from working from home?

Factors that stop employed/salaried women from "being their own boss" and working at home

But what are the exact reasons that make us so ‘afraid’ to give up our full-time jobs?

• The guaranteed salary

• Fear of not making it out there, in the business world

• Lack of support from family, spouses in particular

• Fear of not making ends meet.

I want to emphasize the last point in particular. When we have a salary, we easily find a lot of useless and unnecessary ways to spend it; which is why many women who have decided to quit their jobs would tell you how easy it is to cut back here and there and not even feel a bit deprived. They discover that, they often wasted money on unnecessary items while they were ensured a salary.

Sorry to burst your bubble Mom, but you won't have any more excuses after reading these real case-studies...



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More options for self-employment/working from home

WORK FROM HOME opportunity: Running an Internet business from your own home

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Working from home is better than staying at home


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Now you can save on day care too


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