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Good day! And Welcome to, where our ,mission and passion is to Build Relationships that work, through articles aimed at relationship inspiration for society, marriages, parenting, finances, spirituality and family dynamics. We will take a look at romantic, family, siblings, societal, office, spiritual, emotional, finances, difficult/challenging relationships, as well as self & personal relationships. You will get all the inspiration, advice, tips, analysis and opinions you need to heal, rescue, build and rebuild healthy, strong, secure, mature & growing relationship.

Relationship Inspiration: society, marriages, parenting, finances, spirituality : Our beliefs

We believe that Healthy Relationships in general,form the foundation of a Healthy Society.Your relationship with your spouse will filter into and directly influence the way you relate to your children, who in turn will exhibit that behaviour to society and to the world. However, we live in a fast-paced world, in which relationships and a sense of family and society are increasingly perishing. Divorce rates around the world are soaring, because of mainly financial incompatibilities and infidelity, and more and more couples are becoming 'a match made for the divorce court rooms.'


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Why relationship inspiration: society, marriage, parenting, finances, spirituality?

Now, you may be wondering why I like writing articles about society, marriages, parenting, finances, spirituality, family that will inspire and enlighten people-:

For a couple of years I've been burning with this passion! A passion to satisfy the artistic-counsellor within me! Of course the job I was in didn't offer me that satisfaction, so that is where the drive to create this website came from. I enjoy this subject of relationships in a way that's difficult to explain. Words cannot convey how I feel about building relationships and inspiring people to take their relationships to higher levels. I enjoy interacting with & helping people. But, well..I believe that my passion, my spirituality and the artistic-counsellor I am will come out and shine on all the pages/articles on this website. I hope that you will read my passion on these web pages, and be touched, healed and transformed beyond expectation.

Relationship Inspiration: society, marriages, parenting, finances, spirituality and family dynamics

I've always been interested in closely analysing relationships and trying to figure out what really goes on within marriages, families, friendships, and so on,that makes them either work or fail. The relationship inspiration, analysis and opinions - and advice given in this website, is based on real human observations, experiences, analysis, insight and research (even common sense and feelings).

What you can expect from the website in terms of relationship inspiration,society, marriages, parenting, finances, spirituality

You can expect a great deal of humour;-)Hah hah!

Relationships are just as important as they are complicated - and sometimes we also need to laugh at ourselves. Here, I will share with you some of the lessons I have learnt in love, relationships with people, romance, break-ups, peer pressure, relations with yourself, spiritual-relations, friendships, money, in-laws, difficult and forbidden relationships; how to tackle difficult relationships issues like mother in law, cross cultural, interracial, age-gap,sibling rivalry, teenage pregnancy, divorce, step parenting, adoption, employer-employee relationships, gay and lesbian relationships and office romance, to name but a few.

You may read, reflect and apply the analysis, advice and facts provided/ suggested to your own specific situation/relationship. You will be given some hard truths,offered at least a pair of listening ears, and of course handy tips and suggestions here and there, on how to nurture, build, re-build and heal your relationships. Take a look at what we offer and reflect on it, it might just be what you and your family needed.

It will give me great honour and pleasure to know that I've helped someone else live better, understand and treat their mate better; heal their relationships, rescue their marriage, handle challenging and difficult relationships better or just be able to get it all out.

Hope you will enjoy all the relationship inspiration, analysis and opinions offered in this website. If you are wondering whether a particular topic is addressed in this website or not, just type your keywords in the box below and search the site. For example, if you are interested in online dating but don't want to check manually, just write "online dating" in the box and search. You can also search the web here, without going back to the search engine. Now, it doesn't get more convenient than that, does it?


We love quotes here, and you'll find a lot of inspirational quotes, love quotes and more, depending on the article you are reading. I love the quotes in employer-employee relationships page

"The two words 'information' and 'communication' are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through" - Sydney J. Harris

We hope our information, that is the relationship inspiration and advice; together with the analysis, opinions and insight that we offer/share with you, will 'get through' to you...



Hope you get inspired, encouraged and enlightened by browsing through this website. Enjoy!

Wishing you more and more relationship health and success!

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"Dream It. Believe it. Receive It!" ~ Unknown Authour

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