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Thank you for visiting this page. Well, I trust that you will soon be thanking me for posting this article;-) This article will tell you more about me -Sofia - the authour of; it will also tell you about my journey to building this website.

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Hi, my name is Sofia, and I'm just about to turn 30. I'm a working mother of 2 and a wife. I love writing and I keep a note about anything and everything that interests me. I also love to read. A couple of years ago I was watching tv, and this young successful man was being interviewed. He was an MD of some company at the age of 22. They also mentioned that he started a website at the age of 14! Needless to say, I was really impressed. I then wrote this note (a question, rather) in my diary - "How do people build websites and how do websites generate income?"

These were the two questions I needed answers to and the 2 questions, that, once I got answers to, I went all out and the rest, as they say, is history. I have 2 separate links below for those that also want answers to these 2 questions

How we make money from websites!

- . learn how webmarketers like myself make money/earn a living from our sites -: Learn the tricks of rich Internet marketers (read: work at home moms) and/or full time employees working towards their eraly retirement... "passive income"

I read A LOT about the subject: "making money from the InterneT"

I am quite a surfing fanatic so I hit the net with questions. I found information,ebooks and books on How to build a website and How to make money from a website.

I learned how webmarketers made money/earned a living from their sites -: Learn the tricks of rich Internet marketers !-

Most of the ebooks, books and articles I read were very informative and eye-opening. I was excited and wanted a perfect host for my site. But I kept busy with other things that I almost forgot about my website dream until about a year later when I was seriously searching for 'my life's purpose'. I knew it had to be something to do with writing. As fate would have it, one wonderful day I happened to read an advert in a local newsletter about a 'home-based business' that is hobby-based. It send me to this website (Sitesell.)

I was thrilled and I decided to buy. That was the best decision I ever made towards my personal development and my business aspirations. Unlike many suspicious looking businesses that promised overnight success, Site Build It seemed genuine. I was willing to take a chance - and girl! am I glad I did! Take a look at this SBI! results page.

Ever since I bought Solo Build It, I have been busy with work and play. I love writing my articles and I am so glad I found this wonderful way of putting my hobby of writing and my understanding and opinions about relationships together. Solo Build It has taken all the hard work out of building a website and has given me the pleasure of being involved with one of the warmest, truest people on the planet.

About relationships

I am one of those people who is constantly trusted with friends and colleagues' relationship problems, even secrets. People come to me with their problems and they ask for advice. One day, in a work-related workshop, the fascilitator asked me: "Sofia, do people walk up to you and start telling you their secrets?" I was surprised that she asked, and I responded by saying: "as a matter of fact, yes they do." She then told me I have a warm and receptive personality and that she would feel safe talking to me (I am not bragging ok!). Friends do consider me a good listener too.

I am very analytical; I am a social being too. I love communicating, listening, analysing, writing - and above all, I love doing what I love and I love feeling wealthy - and SBI has made my dreams come true, in more ways than one!

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