Not every couple are fortunate enough to begin their life together with a "fairytale wedding", or a "romantic wedding". However, every relationship can do with a bit (even a lot) of romance - be it "romantic gifts", romantic nights away/trips or just a lovely romantic surprise like a simple home-cooked three-course dinner under the stars.

Although we know what makes our significant others happy, and what makes them feel loved, joyful and really enjoy the relationship, we hardly ever put any effort. Do I see a few hands raised?

Go through this love and romance list of questions (romance quiz/test) to check how romantic you are and how loving you are to your partner. Be your own judge and make the necessary improvements in your relationship. There are no scores, just some honest self assessments!

1. Do you often think of ways to make her happy/happier or to show your love for her?

2. Do you keep track of her needs and delight in fulfilling them?

3. Do you listen to her needs and wishes for herself and for the relationship?

4. Do you often call her for no apparent reason?

5. Do you often surprise her with a little love note or breakfast in bed/dinner?

6. What is that she would really appreciate? What prevents you from doing that for her?

7. Do you comfort her when she is in pain / hurting?

8. Do you tell her you love her? And mean it?

9. Do you allow her access to your valued possessions?

10. Is she free to get involved in your interests and hobbies?

11. Are you able to pick up/buy a clothing item for her?

12. Are you able to cook her favourite meal?

13. Do you make time for her? Just for her?

14. Do you make time for small talk with the kids?

15. Are you able to play with them?

16. Do you apologise when you are wrong— and mean it?

17. Do you acknowledge and appreciate what she does for you?

18. Do you acknowledge and appreciate what she does for the family?

19. What about for your family— parents?

20. Are you willing to support her interests?

21. Does she know that you love her?

22. Does she know that she has your support?

23. How long before making love do you feel/think you have to start being romantic?

24. Do you consider yourself to be romantic? Did the quiz trigger some romantic ideas or did it expose some romance gaps in your relationship? Well, I hope it did - you be your own judge. (You can also let your partner be the judge if you are serious about improving romance in your marriage/relationship.)

Love and romance- when last have you:

Are you romantic or not? Take the test and judge your own romantic-ness

1. Kissed her on the cheek or on the forehead?

2. Called her during the day to say “I love you”?

3. Told her you love her?

4. Surprised her with a home-cooked meal? Lunch / Dinner out?

5. Appreciated her cooking?

6. Told her she looked beautiful?

7. Given her a gift just for the ‘love’ of it?

8. Written her a love note / love letter?

9. Walked with her, holding her hand?

10. Looked deeply in her eyes?

11. Held her in your arms just because it's another day?

12. Sent some flowers her way just because.....?

13. Given her a massage?

14. Cooked a meal with her or for her?

15. Told her what she means to you?

The above romance test (or loving and caring test) is meant to get you to think deeper and to open your mind a bit more about love and romance issues in your relationship/marriage. You will know if you haven’t been loving and romantic, perhaps your partner has complained about a lack of romance before, highlighting some of the issues above. They are likely to spring out some ideas.

Generally, anything below ten needs some attention; and below five, you are very lucky she is still hanging around! Go do some work! Happy loving!

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