AGE GAP challenges in a relationship: Older woman-Younger man and Older man-younger woman relationships

Age difference: what is acceptable and what is not?

The Age gap between a man and a woman in a relationship has always been a subject of debate. Some people believe that a man should be older or the same age as a woman; while others say that older women can date/marry younger men.

Society's view of "what is an appropriate or acceptable age-gap" in a relationship

"Age gap in a relationship: what is considered appropriate by society?"

In general, society tends to be more accepting and forgiving of "an older man - younger woman relationship" than they are of a relationship where "the woman is older than a man". As a result, age-gap challenges and problems are mostly faced by those in older woman-younger man relationships.

This acceptance of "older men-younger women relationships" has often led to situations whereby much older men engage in relationships with much younger women. It is not uncommon to hear someone who is anti-younger man dating older women, accepting an older man-younger woman relationship.

What's my take on older woman-younger man relationships?

My take on age gap in a relationship is:

If the gap is acceptable "in favour" of the men, it is also okay and acceptable "in favour" of the woman - provided both parties are the right age legally to decide for themselves.

I've seen many women fail to give an otherwise promising relationship a chance just because they are a year or two older than the man, which is really ridiculous in my opinion. If a 37 year old man can date a 29 year old woman, without prejudice and ridicule, why can't a 37 year old woman date a 29 year old man?



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