"Teenage pregnancy support"

Teenagers often get caught by surprise when they discover that they are going to have a baby. While the best way to prevent pregnancy is to abstain from sex, that is not the message that an already expectant teen needs to hear from her/his parents and society.

In this day of HIV/Aids and other sexually transmitted diseases, it is difficult for parents not to react to teenage pregnancy news with outrage and questions about the role they played as parents.

Encouragement for pregnant teens

Expectant teens: all a pregnant teenager needs is support, understanding and encouragement

The thought of losing your "teenage freedom" and innocence could be daunting for you as a soon to be teen mother, but do realize that God never makes mistakes. That baby is in His plans and had to be born into this world. The unfortunate thing is that it had to be delivered by you,at the most unexpected time and under the most trying circumstances.

"Every failure is a step towards success; every detection of what is false directs us toward what is true. Every trial exhausts some tempting form of error; scarcely any attempt is entirely a failure. No tempting form of err is without some latent charm derived from truth" ~William Wewell

"I love the man that can smile in trouble; that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection" ~Thomas Paine

"I have held many things in my hands, and have lost them all. But whatever I have placed in God's hands, that I still possess" ~Martin Luther

Heal and rebuild your life, having a baby is not the end of life

Teenage pregnancy: It certainly is not the end of life, nor is it the end of your dream(s)

The pregnant/expectant teen and depression

Understandably, most teens will fall into depression and withdrawal when they realise they are pregnant. Some will even consider an abortion. As far as I am concerned, abortion is not an option for an average teen.

I know of a lot of girls who fell pregnant as teens, but have risen up, dusted themselves and made something of themselves. For some of these people, their teen pregnancy were unfortunately also their last and they are grateful that they never aborted.

The support of the father and his family is invaluable; so is the girl's family 'support and understanding. You cannot correct an unplanned pregnancy, you can only prevent it. If you could not prevent it, try accepting it as a gift that you would not have bought yourself - it's still wonderful to receive and you will cherish it forever.

Gifts for expectant teens: Helpful, encouraging books on teenage pregnancy

Give one of these books as a gift to your expectant child; to your friend or to a mom/dad faced with this challenge of teenage pregnancy

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Teenage pregnancy: teenagers having kids out of the wedlock

Are you a pregnant teen or a teenage mother? It is not the end of your life - certainly not! You now know so much, you could help other teens who find themselves in the same position. Make your knowledge sell will teach you how to turn your knowledge, passion or experience - good or not so good - into something valuable. You can write about that and counsel/encourage others. You can build a website and earn a living from it. Your experience is/was not in vain. Don't throw your knowledge and expertise away. Help others and heal yourself in the process. Click on the banner below for more information.

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