THE ART OF KISSING: make your lips count

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Why kiss?

Primarily, for connection, intimacy and to show affection Some medical findings even claim that the so-called "French-kissing" may be beneficial for the health of your mouth/teeth.

What is the turn-off?

Kissing turn-offs and how to avoid them

1. Bad breath/Halitosis -

Halitosis is a very depressing medical condition characterised by bad breath that normal, day to day dental care cannot get rid of. If you have halitosis, consult a dental/oral specialist or denstist and make sure you follow through.

2. Open eyes.

Close your eyes!

3. Salivating too much

Some people may like this, but it can be a huge turn off for a lot of people.

Caution: HIV/AIDS spreads through body fluids, including to an extent, saliva. If both of you have cuts/wounds in your mouths, that could pose an increased risk of infection. Of course I am speaking not as a medical professional and you need to consult a qualified medical practitioner for proper advice on this subject.

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Kissing: about romance

What women need

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