Most women know the important of a good image, particularly as it relates to business. But a lot of women still think that creating a good image means looking sexy - whatever that means. Most believe sexiness sells.

Does looks/being sexy sells?

Sexy-ness vs well-groomed

Numerous studies suggest that, when it comes to business, men do mean business. Yes, if you are going to present that business idea to the male of the species, forget about men's visual nature.

It would seem that, even they would rather hear you out and really listen to your presentation than check you out. While they will notice your sexy image, they wont be impressed by it at all. Both men and women are suspicious of a sexy looking person trying to sell them something. They prefer someone who exudes confidence and can articulate well - someone who knows what they are talking about and not dwelling on distracting them.

There you have it - a good image is clean and professional, not sexy. Do not despair if you like looking hot, just consult an image consultant to get the right balance for work and play... So, look good but by all means, cover up ladies.

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