COHABITATION: why do couples prefer living together before marriage?


What exactly is cohabitation or cohabiting?" Co-habitation can be defined as the physical sharing of a common living place by a couple that is not yet legally married. Cohabiting couples are usually those of marital age. Their reasond to live under the same roof before or instead of getting married may vary.

Common reasons for "playing house" / cohabiting include:

1. To establish finacial, social, and spiritual compatibility

2. To test their ability to share their space

3. Men with more that a single wife (polygamists) who can't get married because of legalities

4. Same sex couples who cannot get married because of prohibiting laws

5. Couples who don't wish to deal with the 'stresses' an responsibilities associated with marriage, like

in laws, and having children.

6. some people think they are going to lose their freedom and love for ecah other once they are married

7. It is less costly to get out of/dissolve a cohabitant relationship than it is to dissolve a marriage - divorce is financially and emotionally costly.

Religion and cohabitation

In most religions, Christianity in particular, cohabitation is regarded as sinful and immoral. This is obviously based on the fact that sex before marriage (premarital sex or fornication) is forbidden and a sin.


Having kids out of marriage

Arranged marriages

Precautions and things to consider when deciding to cohabit/move in together

Moving in together should not be done as a replacement for dating. Couples still need to know and understand each other's values and beliefs before they move in together.

Living together instead of getting married is not necessarily a lesser commitment. Im most countries today, there are laws that protect /regard cohabitants as a married couple with the same rights after cohabiting for a specified period of time.

If you are deciding or considering to cohabit, you still need to protect yourself financially, especially if you are going to buy/co-own property and/or have children.


Cohabitation: couples may decide to co-adopt children

Choosing a godparent

Whether cohabiting or married, effective communication remains important!

Cohabitation: are you in it for the money?

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