Mother in law! Who is your mother in law?

Mother in law

Marriage brings with it new challenges and new relatives. These new relatives, called in-laws, can either be a blessing or a pain in the neck. Even though most mothers in law may be difficult, daughters in law should realise that they also have a big role to play in ENSURING A GOOD, WORKABLE RELATIONSHIP.

But who is a mother in law?

Simply put, this is the woman who carried in her tummy, gave birth to, nursed, raised, fed, nurtured, and taught the man you now call your husband. Does that make you understand her better?

Are mothers in law bad people?

Are (all) mothers in law bad people?

Most women think about their prospective husbands'mother even before they get married. They wonder how she'll treat them, or how they will draw the boundaries so that their husband's mother knows where to go and where not to go. It is these preconceived ideas and a general bad attitude towards mothers in law that create unhappiness and tension in most marriages. Do you reallly think your husband can love the woman who hates her mother? Just think about that for a minute. Does it make sense? It is natural?

Think about it. All she wants is the best for her son and would want a good relationship with the woman in her son's life. You should strive to make her feel welcome and comfortable instead of dreading her and making all sorts of excuses not to be around her.

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