Men abuse: A look at abusive women

Men abuse: When the man becomes the victim and not the perpetrator

Abuse in relationships is usually directed at women - society is "used" to seeing women as victims and men as pepetrators of abuse. This is especially true in cases of physical abuse. Men are physically designed to be stronger than women, and are therefore much more inclined to physically abusing women. This, however, does not mean that women cannot themselves be abusive to men. There is a lot of abusive women out there and a lot of silent abused men. Men can be victims and women perpetrators, but because of societal stereotypes, men usually choose to keep quite about their abuse.

Because of society’s expectations, imaginary or true, men often feel that they have to be a man and not speak out about the abuse. The abuse of men by women or "men abuse" is often emotional or financial in nature - and sometimes even both.

Some women, even though they earn an income, still leave all financial responsibilities to their husbands, putting tremendous emotional pressure and stress onto them. Some people may refuse to call this abuse and might even name it ‘manly responsibilities’ but I would call it abuse if all the woman does with her income is buy expensive clothes, jewellery, and so on, without relieving the husband of some of the household's financial 'duties'- and calls it retail therapy. Most husbands do allow this kind of abusive behaviour and are often the ones who encourage it, by funding it, but it serves neither the man nor the woman well.

Financial abuse of men by women

Men abuse: Financially abusive women

Financial abuse of a spouse also occurs when one spouse ignores their responsibilities and in addition to that, also controls the other’s finances. One partner may want to receive and have full control of the other’s pay check, - deciding on your own on how the household’s finances should be run. In this case, the other party is left in the dark, not knowing what the mortgage balance is and will have to ask for money to buy monthly essentials, just like a child/dependant.

It goes without saying that, abusive behaviour is not specific to a particular gender; it is a disease that can take hold of both men and women. Men abuse does exist. Women do become abusive - not just financially and emotionally, but also physicaly at times. Those that experience it in any form should be willing and able to recognise it for what it is and to take a stand against it. Do not be ashamed as a man to stand up and speak against male abuse.

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