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The termination of pregnancy (TOP) or Abortion

Abortion is the termination of pregnancy before its normal term - usually performed before twelve weeks or in some cases, not beyond 20 weeks into pregnancy. Pregnancies are terminated or foetus aborted for a variety of reasons, the most common reasons being social and medical/clinical.


Socio-economic and medical reasons why people abort

The termination o pregnancy or abortion: some reasons for TOPs

Abortion is a taboo subject in most communities. Some abortions, especially teenage abortions, can be prevented by taking precautions before engaging in sex, or even abstaining from it. Teenagers usually abort because they are not emotionally, socially and financially ready to bring up a child. More sex education is needed to prevent these types of abortions.

Medically, abortions are normally performed if and when problems have been identified with the unborn baby/foetus. Expectant mothers undergo diagnostic tests that pick up any neural defects like downs'syndrome and spina bifida early. Doctors almost always recommend abortion when such defects have been picked up, but it is ultimately the parents' or the mother's decision. Some mothers, for religious, social or other reasons, do continue with their pregnancies and end up raising children that are as independent as possible. It is an individual decision, but very controversial. Serious remorse that could lead to depression has been known to follow pregnancy terminations.


It is always crucial that you be informed about the possible emotional effects that could follow an abortion, as well as what the requirements are of raising a child with some defects. Abortions are legal in some countries and back-street abortions are seriously discouraged as they can be life-threatening, and could result in difficulties conceiving later on in life. It is also important to seek counselling for your unplanned pregnancy before rushing on to have it terminated. Many people have succeeded in raising children that they initialy wanted to abort, and are very grateful they didn't go ahead with the termination. Whatever the decision, do not do anything that is against your values and beliefs just to avoid social and other pressures.

The termination of pregnancy or abortion: learn about pregnancy & bonding with the baby

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Termination of pregnancy can lead to remorse and depression

Consider adoption or fostering before deciding on TOP

Sex education can prevent unnecessary TOPs

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