Teenage parents: challenges, blessings and inspiration for teen moms & dads

Teenage parents: challenges, blessings and inspiration for teen moms & dads

Being a teenage parent must be one of the most challenging situations teenagers find themselves in today. Most resort to abortions, which in my view, is a permanent solution to a temporary problem and is not an answer. So what is a suddenly pregnant & mother-to-be teenager to do?

Support and motivation for teenage parents

Support and motivation for teenage parents: all a soon to be parent teen needs is support

Too late now for that sex education, isn't it? Yes, other teens could learn some lessons from you, but you have already learned yor lesson now.

Being a mother, especially a teenage mother or a father, can put brakes on your life - academically, socially, emotionally and financially. But being teenage parents is not the end of the world. You have a new baby to take care of - that is the beginning, not an end.

Find a teenage parents support group and get together, physically or electronically with other teens in your position. With your family's support, you may still be able to further your studies. Abortion is never an answer. I know of a lot of teenage mothers who turned up pretty well and are grateful for their blessings that are kids they had in their teen years. Keep walking.

Motivation for teenage parents

Teenage parenting: You are special teen mother!

“You are special. In that treasure chest of your personality and history, there lies success. You have already accomplished things that are worthy of note, things that reflect on your worth as a person. Nothing has any power over you other than that which you give it through conscious thought” -Unknown-

Teenage parents: rad about teen pregnancy

Abortion is not the answer