Popping the question has become more of a public rather than private affair. People who organize public proposals cannot be shy or reserved people, can they? Unless of course they are being pushed by something deeper than their shyness - a willingness to tell everyone who is willing to listen, how much they care about the girl/boy and how much they want to be with them.

"How to organize and present a public proposal"

"How to go about presenting a public proposal"

Public proposals can be organized in various ways. Creativity and pocket size often play a big role in how the proposal is organized and presented

1. It could be presented by someone, a 3rd party,who will putting up a performance on behalf of the proposer. For example, a singer dropping by at the couple's table in a restaurant, singing "Girl's name, will you please be mine forever" while the guy drops down on his knees. It could also be someone on stage announcing a special message for "The girl" or dedicating a song/poem for them.

2. Alternatively, the guy could suddenly appear on the stage himself and ask his girl to come forward. The guy could do it himself at a function in which they are both invited, e.g.a family function.

These public declarations of love and commitment are regarded as romantic by a lot of women. But they always carry a huge possibility of rejection and embarassment. While on-lookers watch with their hearts pumping faster and faster, and with a fear/anxiety about a possible rejection, they are often delighted and touched when the proposal is accepted. They become a part of it, emotionally.

"Pros and cons of public proposals"

Pros and cons of public proposals

Proposing in public has its advantages and disadvantages

The pluses of proposing marriage in public include:

- She might be very pleased that you wanted everyone to know you care

- She may find it very romantic

- Could be the most memorable occurence / feeling

The Draw backs/downfalls to a public display of love/public proposal

- The girl might reject, and feel bad about rejecting your proposal publicly

- The girl might feel compelled to accept, only to withdraw later in private

- She may be disappointed that you put pressure on her - A private proposal could perhaps have been more like her. She may be put off by the public proposal

- They don't come cheap too. Most men do it because their girlfriends alaways go "aahh" when they see public declarations of love/affection. They then feel kind off compelled to do it. If your partner has stage fright, consider bouncing the idea off with her first. Check with your partner first because public proposals are not for everyone.

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