"MARRIAGE AGE: IS THERE A PERFECT AGE TO GET MARRIED?" people ask this question often. Most want to know if getting married can be justified at their age or if there is an average age to get hooked or commit

Average marriage age - are you ready to get married?

Average Marriage age/Marriage-readiness

Different people mature at different ages. But marrying in your teens, no matter how mature, ready and in love you think you may be, is an unquestionable recipe for disaster. Very few teen marriages succeed.

What is the right age to get married?

Test your marriage readiness

Marriage-readiness quiz

These are questions to answer honestly to yourself, and to think deeply and carefully about. The question we ask is not only about “marriage-ready-age” or “a good age to get married” but about whether you and your fiancée, partner or boyfriend, are ready for marriage.

Are you and your partner/fiancée adults (over 21?)

Legally qualified to get married (e.g. Over 18 or 21 – depending on your country’s legal age to get married)

Completed your tertiary/college studies?

Having a stable job/income for at least a year?

Ready to settle?

Are you a one-man woman or a one-woman man?

Has your partner cheated on you before or you on them? - Bad sign; unlikely to get better in a marriage environment. I’d give it a lot of time and thought before signing that contract with someone who’s cheated on me before

How do you feel about sharing your space with someone else?

How is your communication?

Do you work well together on small tasks? It can be bad if one of you wants to dominate and take all the final decisions.

Can they clean after themselves and do their bit around the house? How do feel about that?

Are you financially compatible?

Is your partner responsible with his/her finances?

Marriage age:check this marriage-preparation quiz

What is the right age-gap

To change your name, or not to change your name?

How many kids now?

Domineering spouses

Finances are amongst the top causes of divorce