Battered women: the dangers of domestic violence

Battered women: the dangers of domestic violence

Abuse can take on a lot of different forms and can be either physical, emotional, verbal, or financial abuse. Domestic violence is quite common, particularly involving women as victims.

Although abusers can be rehabilitated, most of them tend to move from one kind of abuse to another. It often starts off as "verbal and emotional abuse, then goes to physical abuse. In some instances, the reverse is true such that the victim feels that the abuse is no longer happening when the truth is, it just changed form. Since emotional abuse may be harder to pin-point, women who have survived physical abuse may not easily recognise the new form of abuse they are faced with.

Why women stay in abusive situations

Most battered/abused women often stay in an abusive marriage/relationship for the sake of the children and/or for fear of the unknown - they don't want to leave the 'uncomfortable comfort zone.' Financial dependency is the number on reason why most battered women stay in their familiar zones - in the same, familiar, uncomfortable zone.

Why you should leave your abusive partner/husband

Reasons to get out of an abusive marriage/relationship: advise for beaten women

Staying in a situation of domestic violence can be damaging for your children and it is better to move out than to stay for their sake. It is also life-threatening to stay in a violent marriage/relationship. Many women have been killed by their husbands while they could have just made the difficult decision to move out and move on. If you are an abused woman, confide in a trusted friend or family member, report the incidents to the police, call your national domestic violence call centre and/or check yourself and your children into a battered women centre or a safety centre immediately and do not look back! Don't wait until you and/or your children are a statistic.

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