What is an egomaniac and egocentric behaviour

"What is an egomaniac and egocentric behaviour" - understanding and handling egotistical people

We all know someone who has an ego problem, someone with an over-blown ego. These are the people who think everyone is looking up to them, or worse - wants to be them because they are just so smart - so smarter than the rest of us. We all know that everyone is a gift from God, but egomaniacs think they are the only gift. They regard themselves as talented in every sphere of life,even more so than the experts.

While they appear to be super-confident, any criticism destroys the egomaniacs. They'd rather be doing the criticism. Because they over-emphasise every little achievement on their part, they also tend to take lack of achievement/criticism very, very badly.

What is an egomaniac and egocentric behaviour: what we should understand about egomaniacs

What is an egomaniac and egocentric behaviour:how to deal with an egotistical people why everyone should sympathise with egomaniacs

When people feel insecure about themselves, they inflate their egos so they appear superior. Egomaniacs inflate their egos by deflating yours - they shoot you down to their level - they do what is termed 'levelling'.

They go around shouting "look at me, I'm so wonderful" and "hey, I've done this and that, I am so smart!" Insecurity and low self esteem are the root of this behaviour. Most people can ignore the inflated egos, but the problem arises when they do that at somebody else's expense - by shooting somebody down.

These people have normally been picked on or bullied and have now grown to protect themselves by taking on a certain demeanor. Least do they realise that their overinflated egos are driving their loved ones crazy and sometimes away. There is a thin line between confidence, arrogance and egotistical behaviour.

If a person is confident, there's a relaxed air about them. If you are sexy, smart or talented, you don't need to go around telling people you are, people will see it if it is there.

What is an egomaniac and egocentric behaviour: quotes for egomaniacs

What is an egomaniac and egocentric behaviour: quotes for egomaniacs

"Do not believe that it is very much of an advance to do the unnecessary three times as fast." - Peter Drucker

"No trumpets sound when the important decisions of our life are made. Destiny is made known silently." - Agnes De Miller, Dancer

"I am an agnostic; I do not pretend to know what many ignorant men are sure of." - An Economist

"No matter what accomplishments you achieve, somebody helped you."- Althea Gibson

What is an egomaniac and egocentric behaviour: egomaniacs should also learn how to dish out advice

Often times, egomaniacs become toxic in relationships