Online meetings and chats

Online meetings and chats

Internet/online meetings or chats - Holding meetings and chatting online has revolutionised the way people communicate and socialise. Online chatrooms or meeting rooms can be a good platform for people to chat, mingle and share thoughts & ideas. With internet chats/meeting rooms, there are no transport, accommodation, catering and general costs associated with organising a physical meeting. Meeting and chatting constantly with loved ones doesn't need to be costly.

Online chatting/meeting tools

Tools for online chatting/meetings

There's a lot of webconferencing/online meeting tools available nowadays. One tool that helps people easily organize planned or spontaneous online meetings is "GoToMeeting." "GoToMeeting helps people demonstrate, communicate and collaborate. GoToMeeting is the easiest way to organize and attend online meetings and takes all of 2 minutes to set up. What's more - there is a free trial too!

You can:

Collaborate with others in real time.

Hold as many meetings as you want for as long as you want – for one low rate

Never see another overage charge or "extra fee" again

Dramatically reduce travel costs and save time and increase connection/bonding - you cannot miss out on loved ones' day to day issues/developments

Take advantage of the easiest-to-use and most affordable Web meeting solution on the market

To try this internet conference tool for free, risk free, click the link below. Just fill in your details and avoid the credit card prompt if you want to. A new window will appear under the credit card prompt. Just close the one that says 'declined' to reveal a 'try it free' window.

Simple Web Conferencing has Arrived - Try It Free!


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