Why do women suffer in relationships?

Women - amazing, beautiful creatures of God, that enjoy serving people and were made to give life and nurture.

But why do these beautiful, loving human beings suffer so much in their marriages and in their intimate relationships?

The answer to this question is as complicated as women themselves are. It can be a spiritual reason, a medical reason, a psychological reason or even a social reason.

In their quest to make everyone happy, women tend to compromise themselves way more than they could ever afford to. The extreme cases are when the compromises are made for an undeserving spouse or lover. But why do these women clinge to bad lovers, making all sorts of sacrifices for a less deserving partner?

The answer lies in the family history and the woman's self-worth. As women, we must learn to receive and acknowledge that we are also worthy of a good relationship. It is not selfish to state what you need in a relationship and it is not selfish to expect your partner to give in a relationship.

We suffer in our relationships because we do not think that we are worthy and deserving. We suffer because we believe that we are so lucky to have found our current partner; and that all men are the same. Have you ever thought of how lucky he is to have found you? All men are not the same. There are caring men who are abused by their women and your partner is lucky to have you.

If he controls your finances, your movements, your social life and abuses you - he is not worth it. If he sleeps around, he is not worth it; and keeping him is no better than injecting yourself with the HI-Virus or throwing yourself in front of a moving train.

Ladies please love and adore yourself enough to put a stop to abuse and to demand, within reason, the kind of relationship that you deserve.

Women were designed to give life; but women were also designed to receive love; both physically and emotionally. Open up and know how to receive it.

Until next time, Stay blessed.



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