What do women want?

"Be to her virtues very kind, Be to her faults a little blind."

~Matthew Prior


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1. Ah, women!

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1.What do women want?


The jury is still out on this one because even us, women disagree. I understand that this could be very subjective but using 'nature' as my reference, I say "we want to be loved" because that is the one thing that actually encompasses all the things we truly like, need and want. Others say love doesn't pay the bills and they think it's better to be with a cold billionaire than with a poor guy who is warm and affectionate. I still believe these women have never been in love - I am talking true love.

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3. Featured quotes


"It upsets women to be, or not to be, stared at hungrily.

~Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic's Notebook, 1960 ***

"God did it on purpose so that we may love you men instead of laughing at you."

~Mrs Patrick Campbell, in reply to a male acquaintance who asked why women seem to have no sense of humor

(She has a good sense of humour, doesn't she? - Sofia)


4. Public speaking ebook


"Say It With Confidence" by Sofia Matloga

This ebook addresses common public speaking concerns such as 'fear of public speaking, lack of confidence, shyness, and gives tips on the dos & donts of public speaking.' It also has a section for kids and teaches parents how to motivate their kids without causing arrogance or destroying their self-esteem. This is an ebook you do not want to miss - especially if you have children. Visit www.public-speaking-solutions.com/publicspeakingebook.html to read more/learn how you can purchase the ebook - link below.


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