Site Build It! 2 for 1 special is practically here!

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1. Finally - the Site Build It! annual 2 for 1 promo is practically here!!


1.The special starts in 1,2,3 days!

As promised in our previous issue, Sitesell has once again given me an opportunity to say thank-you to you, my subscribers, friends and visitors to my sites, by offering you a once-in-a-year 2 for 1 special on the Site builder package - SBI! –which I also use to build my sites.

That’s right, Sitesell has approved, once again, for me to offer you, a chance to own 2 websites for the price of just 1 web site. The 10-day special offer starts on the 18th August and ends on my birthday, on the 27th of August, 2007. So I get to celebrate my birthday having given away a special opportunity to you, as a thank you gift. I would like to officially, thank Sitesell for this allowing me to run this special.


2. I also took advantage of this special last year!

Last year during my 2 for 1 special offer, we went half-half with a friend of mine and each got a website for half the normal price. (I ordered during the special and then 'sold' the free site to her.) My second site,, is a product of last year’s special. This year, if a similar opportunity presents itself, well…who knows? This is a very gratifying and liberating mission, and I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of it. The secret of course is, to have a passion and/or knowledge for something...anything!

I would like to take this opportunity & use this platform to encourage working women, stay at home moms, fellow Africans to take advantage of what the Internet has to offer. Like I explain in my account of ‘my own experience of managing my sites’, the Internet is cosmopolitan and it is time we all stopped associating it with certain countries and/or certain parts of the world or even certain groups of people.

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3. Ordering, step by step

Here's what you need to do if you want to take advantage of this once-in-a-year offer (very detailed, I know):

1. Visit the above urls and learn more about SBI! Or Drop me an E-mail at or contact me via the 'contact-us' page on my site if you wish to learn more about the product

2. If you decide that you also want to own a website – and you want to SBI! To do so (note: SBI! Just requires your brain & motivation, no technical knowledge of anything), then go back to and place your order. If you prefer, you can send me an e-mail.

3. After placing your order, you need to e-mail me your names, e-mail address and order number (which you will be given immediately after your order has gone through).

*Remember, different webmasters run their 2 for 1 promos on different dates; this one is our special at and It is not even Sitesell's special - it is Sitesell approved.

I need this information so that I can let Sitesell know that you have to get 2 Site Builder packages - because you purchased during the special. If you would like to order but still have questions or concerns, visit - but do not forget to tell me you have ordered.*

* If someone in another place doesn’t know about our promo, and purchases SBI!, say on the 18th, they won’t receive 2 packages. But you will because you know about this promo. So, let me know if you have ordered, and I’ll let Sitesell know that you are eligible for 2 packages.*

6. after ordering, E-mail me at I will then contact Sitesell, and your second package will be reserved for you to claim, whenever you are ready – within 6 months. In the meantime, you would have received your Action-Guide / Manual for the first website and you can start building away!!!

I would like to,in anticipation, welcome any new SBIers to the exciting, intimate world of SBIers – a small but vibrant community of thriving & helpful webmasters, complete with its own private forum!

"When opportunity knocks, a grumbler complains about the noise"

This was longer than I expected – talk about being carried away!


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