Making the decision to stay at home isn't that simple!

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1.To stay at home or not to?!

If you are like most mothers, you have at least thought of becoming a stay at home mother, especially when the maternity leave was over and yo had to return to work ... Or during those terrible days when the baby was not feeling okay and you had a very important meeting. Yes, you have wished you could fire the boss, haven't you?

Studies show that a growing number of new mothers are quitting their jobs to devote their full-time attention to their children.

The decision to quit your day job and stay at home permanently is, however, not one to be taken lightly or carelessly. It involves lots of planning (emotionally and financially), lots of doubts and lots of guts... and of course, faith.

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2. Featured quotation

"Many go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after." ~Henry David Thoreau~


2. Welcome to SBI!

A warm welcome to one of my subscribers, who decided to join the wonderful, fruitful world of SBI! You'll soon know why Mr. Ken Evoy (Sitesell's President) says "SBI! doesn't just have satisfied customers, it has raving fans!" A warm welcome to you; be assured of unfailing support from me, the SBI! forums and from Sitesell!

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