Self Relations vs. Selfishness

We’ve all heard of ‘me time’ and how important that is to one’s well-being. I totally agree with the importance of creating time alone and doing the things that make me happy for me to be able to give to the other people around me, especially those of my family. However, I’ve seen people abuse this otherwise great concept of spending time with yourself to unwind, relax and just perhaps pamper yourself.

In their quest to love themselves, most people do tend to go overboard and deny those closest to them of their time together. ‘Me time’ is not about leaving your kids with nannies every week evening, to return when they are already in bed. It certainly isn’t about leaving your wife/husband daily to have fun with your girls or boys.

It is about BALANCE; that is the keyword. It is about taking that well-deserved break to spend time with yourself, or to take time to be with your girlfriends/boyfriends. In the midst of ‘me-time’, there should be ‘our time’. Take care of your time with your spouse and your children. Beware of the trap of out-sourcing your parental duties completely. Discover the pleasure and the treasure of doing things for them and with them….and then take a break. Take that well-deserved ‘me-time.’

Keep yourself company sometimes but do not be selfish. Do not disregard your spouse and children in the process. You’ll know when you are being selfish. Beware the seduction and the trap!

I wish you quality time with yourself and your loved ones.



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