Mother in Law!

Understanding your Mother in Law and Perfecting your relationship with her!

Mother in Law! Why is it that this name/phrase usually sends some cold chills in our bodies? Even before we get married, most of us already dread the kind of relationship we would have with our mothers in law. We plan how we will treat them and where we will draw the line; even how we will tell them to 'get off'. We automatically assume that she will be 'a mother in law from hell'.

During all this planning we tend to forget one thing: A mother in law is a woman who gave birth, raised and nurtured the very person you love today. Today you even claim that you can't be able to live without her/him. Let me tell you something, she is the one who really cannot live without her son/daughter. She is the mother to this wonderful husband/wife of yours. She raised him/her and taught him/her the difference between right and wrong. You owe your happiness to her.

The best way to understand her is to put yourself in her shoes. This is much easier if you have a son. Imagine some girl coming into your life someday in the future and taking your child away (Tip: Best imagined while your baby is ill and you are not getting any sleep!). On top of that, she wouldn't let you visit each other and she dreads your visits and your calls. She calls him/her spoilt because he/she is always saying Mamma!

Understand that all your Mother in law wants is a relationship with you and of course a continued relationship with her 'child'. Mother's day is approaching, and how many of you got gifts for your mothers already but haven't even stopped to think of your mothers in law? I thought so - many. Build a relationship with your mother in law this mother's day; buy her a gift, call her, write her a note and tell her you appreciate the way she raised your significant other. Or better still, pick up the phone now and say hi; or invite her for tea. So, what are you waiting for? Your spouse will appreciate it. Give up any thoughts of wanting him/her to stand against his/her mom.

I wish you a happy new beginning with your mother in law! Until next time, Stay blessed.

Sofia, Your Relationships - Your Life!

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