Lessons we can all learn from the soccer world cup: From the www.relationship-affairs.com team

10 Great Life Lessons from the soccer world cup. These can obviously be applied to life and to relationships

1. Celebrate each goal, even when you are still trailing behind your opponent

2. A draw can sometimes mean a win, depending on whom you have drawn with

3. A draw can also mean a defeat, depending on who has drawn with you.

4. History, statistics do work sometimes…

5. But not always.

6. It’s ok to cry when you are sad, hurt or beaten

7. Always congratulate the winner, no matter how much you are hurting from the loss (...and exchange gifts with them)

8. Apologise if you have offended or hurt someone

9. Bad temper can get you in hot water (think Red card!)

10. Touching is not forbidden amongst men (it shows warmth and good companionship)

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Until next time, Stay Blessed!



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