It is January again and we are still talking relationships; in particular for this month, we are talking about our relationship with money. A lot of people get paid earlier than usual in December, and instead of thinking about financially suave ways to entertain and give to their loved ones over the Christmas season, they go all out and spend every last cent; and they forget to make provisions for January school fees, uniforms and other such things. In some instances, the festive spending has led to disagreements between spouses; disagreements that would later on lead to separations and divorces.

Do not start the year on a wrong footing; Make sure that you have a good relationship with money this year, and keep your marriage. It is both unfair and selfish to get yourself and others into debt just because you cannot control your spending.

If you are getting married or just thinking of it, make sure you know your partner’spending habits by taking a closer look at their relationship with money. His/her relationship with money will affect you and impact on your future!

*I wish you all a prosperous, healthy, peaceful and financially sound 2006*☺



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