As promised in the July issue of ‘Let us relate’, the 2 for 1 promo is here!

I’m glad Sitesell kept their promise, so I could keep mine! Therefore, I'm offering you, this wonderful opportunity to own, not 1, but 2 websites for the price of 1. I wish I could have gotten an opportunity like this one myself; I’ll be having 2 websites now. This promotion will run for only 10 days only; starting on the 17th and ending on the 27th of August. This period is in line with my birthday celebration and also my website’s first anniversary. A double celebration!

Here's what I suggest you do:

1. Visit or 2. Read about Site Build It and be inspired by the success of others 3. Ask a question at if you need clarity about Site Build It! 4. Decide whether or not you are ready for this potentially life-altering opportunity 5. This guy’s website interviews successful people who used Site Build It! 6. If you have taken the positive decision to buy, then go to Step 1, and fill in the form. If not then sorry, you’ll only see this offer from me again in a year’s time. Of course you may buy at anytime with or without any freebie.

Once you had filled out the form; this is what will happen:

1. You will receive an acknowledgement from Sitesell after the order and again via e-mail. This e-mail will contain your order number. 2. At this stage, they have no way of knowing that you are a “2 for 1” candidate, so you will receive only 1 order of Site Build It! 3. To let them know that you bought during my promotional period, I’ll have to send them an e-mail at the end of the promotion, which is after the 27th August. By then, you would have already received your one order and maybe even registered your domain already! The Action Guide will take you through the process, step by step. (Advice: Follow the guide, do not rush!) 4. You need to e-mail the following information to, this information is needed to reserve your free order.

· Your first name and your last name / surname · The e-mail address you put/used in the form when you ordered · Your order number, this will be in your welcome e-mail · The date of purchase (you need to have ordered during the promotional period, remember!) 17th – 27th August 2006! · I will then contact Sitesell, and your order will be released upon your request. (This is nice because you can get busy with your first website and request your free order whenever you are ready) · Then, prepare to work, learn, hopefully to play and be inspired as you build your way into your future! · "When opportunity knocks, a grumbler complains about the noise." · Good luck: I wish you clarity of though as you decide!

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Until next time, Stay Blessed!


PS. Have you heard about this website-building tool? The one that I used without any prior knowledge or experience of IT or webhosting or e-commerce?